Vicky and Dan!

Oh My!! This was a BELTER! Unreal wedding set in Vicky’s Dad’s incredible home grounds. A rustic Tipi set up entirely by the couple, flowers made from scratch and good friends with SO much food. What more could you want! All this was also accompanied by a huge field out the back, tribes maids and love everywhere. These two are so in love that it was just so easy to shoot their nottingham wedding. I met Vicky and Dan back at Nat and Steve’s Glastonbury wedding in May time, and knew it would be the most fun to reunite with everyone at this wedding. They have such a solid group of friends that just have the time of their lives and know what fun is!

The whole day was super chilled all day, the ceremony kicked off with prosecco being handed out for the duration….off to a good start! Vicky’s brother led the ceremony, with some beautiful readings, and a few tears, and then immediately after the speeches were done. Now the traditions had been completed, it was time to drink, eat and dance!

A huge thank you too both Vicky and Dan, you guys are legends and made me feel so at home. When can we do it all over again?!?!?!?