Twenty Mother F**cking Nineteen! 

What an absolute belter of a year for weddings! It saw me travel all over the UK, as far as the Lake district and back! 2019 had kissing in the rain, ( Lauren and James, you legends), a trip up in the crops, several Guinness boat races, outrageous dance floors, and brides drinking from the bottle, which I think has been become a bit of a thing now! Ha! 2020 brides, you’re up!

As a Kent wedding photographer, it is always incredible to consider this as my job! I get to go to peoples happiest day of their lives and capture memories, I mean, come on! Can you even call that a job?! 

So lets recap on 2019, 35 amazing weddings, 11000 + miles covered, 20 + Premier Inns, 1 Bride chucked 12 feet high, 100 + Starbucks and so so much more! My couples genuinely are just the best. I mean, I know everyone probably says it, but I love each and every one of you! A HUGE ( Literally massive! ) Thank you goes to each and every couple who hired me to shoot your wedding; many of whom have been amazing friends and cannot wait to share a beer soon! I cannot thank you all personally enough. To be able to say I shoot weddings for a living is a dream. You guys let me do my thing and that is amazing! Nothing beats that feeling after a wedding day, than getting in the car and having a beaming smile all the way home. I still get that buzz every time!

2020 is going to be much of the same, having a sick time shooting weddings with awesome people! What more could you ask for?! Anyway here it is, my 2019 round up. See ya in 2020 peeps!