I am a Kent Wedding photographer, passionate about creating something different. Weddings are what I do, and I absolutely love it!

My sole aim for the day, is to leave you with images that tell the story as honestly as possible. Photographing moments as they happen instead of planning them and having the most fun ever!

Want to know a bit more about me? Here goes!

Coffee fanatic – Like seriously, we are talking 5-10 cups a day!

Obsessed with Jamie Oliver – the dude is a legend, and Olive oil is life! Cooking in general is another passion, food makes people happy – Just like photos!

Favourite film – Superbad. // Favourite TV Show – The U.S office / Peep Show. Love techno music, and disco, and Jazz and rock, and indie…basically all music.

Handy with making things – I have made everything for our house. I love being able to make something from an idea in my head, which makes my job even better. Creativity is the best!

I have the most beautiful partner. Emily. She is the best. When I am not taking photos, I am taking photos of her and we like to do nothing more than chill out on the sofa, with a good takeaway.

If you like Guinness, you’ll be my friend forever. Or Espresso Martinis, I am not prejudice! Let’s grab a pint of the black stuff and chat about your wedding plans!

I love to make people happy, and with my photos, show happiness.

That’s enough about me for now; if you would like to know more, head over to my approach page, and get in touch via my contact page! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many images do I receive?

Depending on length of coverage it can differ, but you can expect 600-700 images if it is all day coverage ( 800-100 if you have a second photographer too!)! They are high resolution JPEG images ready to use as you will. I do not have any copyright rules or regulations as to what you can and can’t do with the images! Once they are with you, they’re yours to do what you like with! Go Wild!

I will also upload the wedding in High resolution to my client area for friends and family to buy prints from.

How would we go about starting the process of enquiring?

Let’s grab a coffee and cake, either at a cafe or your house, wherever is best. We can have a nice brew and have look at my work, if you like me, GREAT! From there, its a £100 non- refundable deposit and contract, and I will ask you for the remainder of the balance 30 days before the wedding!

How long do you stay for at the wedding?

All day long. If you want me from the moment you wake up in your boxers, then I will be there! And I say until I feel I have absolutely everything I can get, with Nan dancing on the floor and throwing some moves!

Do you do line up or group photos as well as your reportage work?

Of course! I understand that weddings are about bringing people together, and you might not have seen friends or family for a while so you get normally half an hour for your group photos, and I recommend 10 group shots as any longer would start making the guest’ face’s ache!

Do you have the facility for a second photographer?

Of course! I have a few people who stand in place as a second photographer, friends and photographers who I really trust and know would creative beautiful imagery! These can be added onto any package for an additional £350 or replaced instead of the engagement shoot. You will of course get to meet the second photographer before your big day just to make sure they are not an alien!

You say your are 6 ft 7, is this true?

Yes! If you see me bending sideways, upside down etc do not worry, its just me finding angles!

How many images go into the album?

Depending on size of album, but let’s say for argument’s sake, it is a wedding album, which is 30 pages, 15 spreads. You would select 60 images and I would then collate them in a design which I think looks perfect for the photos, and then proof them over to you for a final viewing and judgement!

Do you only shoot wedding photos in Kent?

No! My career has taken me all over the UK and beyond and I certainly do not mind the driving or journeys! I would love to shoot any wedding, especially abroad! Get in touch with me to discuss abroad pricing and we can work something out!

When do we receive our images?

Even in my busiest periods, I try to deliver the images in your postbox by 6-8 weeks after the wedding. Along the way there are a few nice surprises and sneak peeks too. Then you will also receive your online gallery link and password at the same time to send our to all your guests and friends if you wish.

What happens if you get ill?

Luckily I do not get ill often, which is a blessing in disguise! If a bit of man flu or cold comes on then I deal with it with cups of tea, and plenty of PB. ( Peanut butter ). I am part of lots of social networks and would simply find a replacement I trust as best to my style as possible.

Do you have backup equipment if something goes wrong?

Touch wood, nothing has ever gone wrong at a wedding so far but say something was to occur, I have 3 cameras, multiple lenses, batteries and memory cards in place which barely get touched, but are there for safety and precaution! Rest your minds knowing that I have it covered!