kent wedding photography, creative and fun documentary photography.

Elmore Court Wedding Photographer – Lauren and Gwilym!

The photos are OUT OF THIS WORLD. You have captured so many wonderful moments throughout the day like Faye dropping her drink and Lauren in hysterics; James the best man’s ridiculous face during the speech; and me aggrieved by the best man’s acoustic song. They are all fab. We’re so glad that you took us out to capture the last of the light, the photo with our breath dancing before the sunset has stayed with me. You’re clearly exceptionally talented and it’s heartwarming to see that you love what you do. The speed at which you sent through the sneak peaks was unexpected but brilliant. The photos will serve as a wonderful memory of the day in years to come. I hope you continue to bring joy to many more people in the future.

kent wedding photography, creative and fun documentary photography.

Best of 2019 – Kent Wedding Photographer!

Twenty mother f**cking nineteen! Hell yeah, what an absolute belter of a year for weddings!

Micklefield Hall Fusion Wedding Photographer – Esha and Michael!

Alex. We are all utterly speechless! You are a MAGICIAN. These are so epic and bring tears to my eyes. Absolutely incredible. What a day. The best day ever for sure. Thank you so much for being such an amazing part of our day! We all love you!!